Main Sub tags #

All the main tags can contain the following sub tags:

Conditional blocks #

The If, Elif, Else tags are used as a conditional elements, depending on dynamic evaluations like callback expressions of the form $(...) for instance. This tags sequence must be start with If tag and end with Else tag, which both can only appear once under the parent element. The Elif tag is optional and can be written many time after If tag end and before Else tag start. This is especially useful for describing alternative child elements.


You can see an usage example here

Valid Attributes #

Repeats #

Repeats the containing menu entries while iterating over a list of values and replacing certain parts with them.


You can see a Repeats usage example here

Valid Attributes #

Repeat tag exist as a sibling of a tag if that tag can don't have maximal occurrence limit.

Title #

The title that is displayed at the top of the screen when displaying the XML document. Don't use line break inside this tag.

Fetch #

Fetches the specified URL (probably another XML file) after a certain delay

Valid Attributes #

SoftKeyItem #

Reconfigures the functionality of a key and - in case of a context key - its screen label. The keys can be mapped to an URL that will be fetched or to another (virtual-)key.

Valid Sub Tags #