Snom Minibrowser Fragments #

The minibrowser can be controlled with URI fragment commands that are appended to any URL.


The following fragments can only be used by trusted host

  • setcache
  • clearcache
  • flush
  • next_edit_mode
  • reloadset
  • set
  • toggleset
  • action_ifc
  • var_ifc

Trusted hosts are managed by the setting mb_trusted_host. It is required to set this option for some fragments. This setting is only require IP Address or hostname without schema and port.

List of available fragments #

Fragment Name Description
setcache Cache a setting value
clearcache Clear setting value cache
clearvar Clear all variables
menu Get the menu link
next_edit_mode Switch to the next edit mode of the system
sel Preselect an entry of a list
reloadset Reload the settings
set Set a setting
sub A fragment to jump between main element within SnomIPPhoneBatch
toggleset Toggle a boolean setting
var Sets a variable
action_ifc Perform an action via a module
applyline Reregister a identity
key Fires the given key
numberdial Dials a number
reboot Reboot or reset the phone
reregister Reregister an identity
unregister Unregister a phone identity
var_ifc Set a module variable
mjpg Start a Motion Jpeg video
calllistclear Clear the call lists